Why Donate?

If you want to ensure that the sport of sailing thrives and is accessible to all those in our community who are open to the experience of sailing and all the relationship and educational opportunities it provides, please donate to the Long Beach Sailing Foundation.



General / Unrestricted
Provide financial support the Sailing Foundation’s highest priorities, as identified by the board of directors and the community we serve.
Provide support for the InnerCity Kids program, the Patriot Regatta, the Heroes Regatta or the Sailing Academy. These programs enable the Sailing Foundation to bring the experience of sailing to individuals in the community who have traditionally not to experience the ocean or sailing.
Provide support for the Sailing Foundation’s STEM learning partnership with the public schools.
Sailor Support
Provide support for the Amateur Athlete Fund and the Linda Elias Memorial Scholarship Fund. The overriding goal of these funds are to help sailors in their individual quests to improve their skills and to compete in the sport of sailing.
Provide underwriting for a portion of the operational expenses for the Sailing Foundation’s platform, the Catalina 37 fleet.